Apple in Proximity to Unveiling a 14-Inch iPad Model in 2023

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Apple in Proximity to Unveiling a 14-Inch iPad Model in 2023

Reports suggest that Apple was on the verge of introducing an oversized iteration of the iPad Pro, surpassing even the current largest 12.9-inch model. A 14-inch variant was contemplated for a potential debut in 2023 at one juncture.

Apple is currently gearing up for an impending iPad Pro upgrade in early 2024. This overhaul will encompass the integration of OLED technology and a replacement of the 12.9-inch model with a 13-inch rendition. Nevertheless, Apple flirted with the idea of a much grander rendition.

In a recent edition of Bloomberg's "Power On" newsletter, Mark Gurman divulges that Apple came tantalizingly close to releasing a 14-inch iPad Pro at one point, only to pivot towards the 13-inch upgrade.

Gurman initially alluded to the development of a larger iPad Pro back in 2021, suggesting it might materialize within a few years. Subsequent leaks continued to insinuate that Apple was diligently pursuing this concept.

In June 2022, Ross Young of DSCC prophesied the advent of a 14.1-inch tablet from Apple in early 2023, but this prediction ultimately fell by the wayside. In October 2022, a report floated the possibility of a 16-inch iPad slated for the fourth quarter of 2023. However, it also conceded that developmental challenges could thwart the product's release.

Despite Gurman's insights into Apple's developmental endeavours, there appears to be no imminent launch on the horizon for such a capacious display, at least for the foreseeable future.


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