Moon Knight trailer: 6 Things You Might Have Missed

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Moon Knight trailer: 6 Things You Might Have Missed

The official trailer for Marvel Studios' Moon Knight has been out, and happily, we won't have to wait long for it to arrive on Disney Plus.

Moon Knight will be available on Disney's streaming service on March 30th, as previously announced. That's great news for all MCU fans (including us) because we were expecting Doctor Strange 2 to be the next Marvel Phase 4 project we'd get to see.

But we're digressing. The release of Moon Knight is about two months away, but we don't know much about the TV program. The teaser reveals a few additional elements about the movie's overall narrative, crucial characters, and Moon Knight's skills, but much remains unknown.

Unless, of course, you delve a bit deeper. We've addressed six things you might have missed in the Moon Knight teaser, including who Ethan Hawke's adversary is, what Marc Spector sees as he enters an elevator, the beast Moon Knight is beating up, and more.

Spoilers for Moon Knight may be found below. If you want to see the Disney Plus episode with as little information as possible, go back now.

Who exactly is Arthur Harrow?

Moon Knight

Let's start with one of the major questions: who is Arthur Harrow, Moon Knight's ostensible nemesis portrayed by Ethan Hawke (Training Day, The Black Phone)?

Harrow is a minor Marvel character that appears to be an odd choice for the main antagonist of an MCU program. We know this because the YouTube version of the trailer has subtitles, and turning them on indicates that Hawke is portraying this character.

In the comics, Arthur Harrow is a doctor who conducted experiments on human beings in order to discover a solution to stop people from feeling pain. Sure, it seems like a great cause, but it isn't.

Harrow only featured briefly in one Marvel comic — Moon Knight #2 in 1985 – so his inclusion feels weird. However, given how Marvel Studios works, Harrow might be the public face of a larger, more hidden villain or adversarial force.

Could the greater adversary be O.M.N.I.UM, a covert organization with a hidden objective in Marvel comics? Is Harrow, who appears as a cult leader in the Moon Knight TV series, simply a conduit for another ancient Egyptian god, such as Anubis? Or might Marvel team him up with Sun King/Patient 86, an unidentified Marvel supervillain with pyrokinetic abilities who suffers from bipolar disorder? Reddit people appear to believe that the last choice is the most rational, but only time will tell.

Marc Spector, meet Steven Grant

Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac will play Marc Spector, an ex-mercenary with dissociative identity disorder (DID) who is bestowed with superhuman skills by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu following a deadly struggle with a competitor.

Interestingly, at the opening of the TV series, it isn't Spector who looks to be in command. Instead, it appears that we will first meet Steven Grant, one of Spector's alter egos. This is implied when Steven/supervisor, Marc's Donna – based on the trailer's YouTube subtitles – addresses him as "Stevie" when he arrives for work.

Later in the teaser, we hear a lady named Layla – is this the mysterious figure played by May Calamawy (Ramy, Djinn)? – address Isaac's character Marc, i.e. Moon Knight's true identity. However, Steven asks Layla, "Why did you call me Marc?" implying that Marc isn't the persona in command at the moment.

In the comics, Marc Spector has four separate personas, one of which is Steven. Will the other three characters — taxi driver Jake Lockley, little girl Inner Child, and the white-suited Mr. Knight – appear in Moon Knight's TV show? Let's hope so.

Ancient Egyptian Gods Aplenty

Moon Knight

Moon Knight, as a comic book, was highly influenced by Egyptian mythology.

Khonshu, Marvel's version of the Egyptian moon deity Khonsu, bestows superhuman abilities on Marc Spector, while Moon Knight's attire is inspired by the ancient Egyptian mummification process.

At the 0:45 minute mark, we see Khonshu emerge on television as well. Khonshu appears in front of Steven/Marc for a brief minute as a light flickers before marching towards the elevator that Steven/Marc is going to board. Some admirers assumed it was Thoth, however, it is Khonshu with his distinctive mask and crescent-shaped staff who emerges.

Later, at 1:06, we see Steven/Marc find an old phone with a crocodile menu screen wallpaper. This might be an homage to the ancient Egyptian god Sobek (also written by Sebek), who is not only the Nile River's patron god but also the patron god of the military. Given Marc Spector's background as a former marine, this is a wonderful tie-in to the character's past.

At the 5:40 mark, we see additional ancient Egyptian gods in the form of Ra, Osiris, and Anubis as Steven/Marc travels through a museum. Sure, they're only sculptures, but they're additional allusions to the past that inspires Moon Knight's comics and TV series.


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Is there an American werewolf in London?

Moon Knight

We already reported on this in our Moon Knight release date leak, but it appears that Moon Knight will face off against a werewolf (or maybe werewolves) in the six-part Disney Plus series.

Moon Knight may be seen continuously pounding a wolf-like monster in a public restroom around 1:40. The creature's identity is unknown, although it might be Jake Gomez, one of two Marvel characters that have appeared in a comic series called Werewolf By Night.

Gael Garca Bernal (Coco, Old) has apparently been cast as the lead in Marvel Studios' Werewolf By Night, a new Disney Plus Halloween special based on the comic book. There's a chance that Moon Knight will reveal this character before his formal MCU debut in the untitled TV special.

If Moon Knight isn't battling a werewolf, he may be up against a jackal, which was common in ancient Egypt. If the Egyptian deity Anubis is involved in any manner, he could have an army of jackals that he sends after Steven/Marc for unexplained reasons.


Signature Weaponry are on Display

Moon Knight Weapons

Although it isn't seen in the video, we do know that Moon Knight's characteristic crescent moon-shaped darts will feature in the TV program.

Following the publication of the teaser, Marvel Studios issued a brand new poster for its current project, and the one-sheet revealed that the crescent darts will feature in the live-action series.

Surprisingly, the crescent dart on the image is dipped in blood, implying that Moon Knight will be a darker and more brutal offering than we've come to expect from Marvel's live-action movies.

The blood-soaked style, on the other hand, may merely be employed to give the poster a more visceral feel and does not guarantee that Moon Knight will be aggressively violent or even cross into an R-rated area. Still, Marvel's choice to create a poster like this for any of their projects is noteworthy.

The Imagery of the Rubik's Cube

Moon Knight

We see Steven/Marc playing with a Rubik's Cube at the start of the trailer. The game, which players complete by lining up the same colored squares on each side of the cube, appears to be a metaphor for Steven/fluctuating Marc's personas.

When one of his identities is completely aligned, much like the finished face of a Rubik's Cube, that personality may take control. If nothing else, it's a clever use of images.


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