What's Open and close on Labor Day 2023

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What's Open and close on Labor Day 2023

Before the commencement of all the Labor Day 2023 festivities, we are afforded one last grandiose barbecue opportunity. (And, for specific individuals, a final chance to check off items from their to-do list.)

Whether your intention is to congregate with companions and loved ones or to mend that fence, you'll be able to procure all the necessary items (or the ones you inadvertently left behind) with minimal hassle. Here's an overview of who's operational and shuttered on Labor Day 2023, along with some lesser-known aspects of this holiday.

What Does Labor Day Signify?

Observed on the initial Monday of September annually, Labor Day pays tribute to the U.S. labour movement. It has maintained its status as an official federal holiday since 1894.

Are Financial Institutions Operational on Labor Day?

Will Mail Services Be Functioning on Labor Day?

Negative — and do not anticipate the arrival of parcels either. The U.S. Postal Service takes a day off on Labor Day. UPS has no collection or delivery services available, except for UPS Express Critical service. FedEx will halt all deliveries, and FedEx Office establishments will operate under adjusted schedules. It is advisable to call ahead before visiting. Furthermore, any packages you dispatch will not embark until Tuesday. Amazon, too, abstains from deliveries on this day.

Is the Stock Market Open on Labor Day?

Even your monetary assets are granted a reprieve today. The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and bond markets are all non-operational. They will resume trading on Tuesday. (It's worth noting that cryptocurrencies remain unaffected by this holiday.)

Are Government Offices in Operation on Labor Day?

No, they are not. Municipal, county, state, and federal agencies are all closed.

Which Retail Chains Will Remain Inactive on Labor Day?

Most prominent retailers stay open on Labor Day, both to liquidate summer inventory and initiate early holiday sales. However, Costco stands as an exception, granting its employees a day of respite. Independently owned small enterprises may also opt to close their doors.

Will Liquor Outlets Be Operational on Labor Day?

This is contingent upon your geographic location. Given that liquor sales and distribution are subject to state control in roughly half of the nation, these establishments are obliged to shut down.

Nevertheless, this does not apply ubiquitously. You can procure alcoholic beverages in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin.

It is advisable to verify with your local outlet whether they will be operating on Labor Day.

Which Dining Establishments Will Remain Inactive on Labor Day?

Restaurants, much like retailers, are inclined to remain open on Labor Day. However, it is prudent to make inquiries since some establishments may lack adequate staff to operate fully.

Which Retail Chains Will Be Operational on Labor Day?

  • Bass Pro Shops — Open on Labor Day
  • Belk — Open on Labor Day
  • Best Buy — Open on Labor Day
  • Cabella's — Open on Labor Day
  • CVS — Open on Labor Day
  • Dillard’s — Open on Labor Day
  • Home Depot — Open on Labor Day
  • Ikea — Open on Labor Day
  • J.C. Penney — Open on Labor Day
  • Kohl’s — The majority of stores remain open.
  • Lowe’s — Open on Labor Day
  • Macy’s — Open on Labor Day
  • Michael’s — Open on Labor Day
  • Old Navy — Open on Labor Day
  • Rite Aid — Open on Labor Day
  • Target — Open on Labor Day
  • T.J. Maxx — Open on Labor Day
  • Walgreens — Open on Labor Day (Some pharmacies may operate on reduced hours, however)
  • Walmart — Open during regular hours.


Which Grocery Stores Will Be Operational on Labor Day?

  • Aldi — Open on Labor Day.
  • Food Lion — Open on Labor Day
  • Harris Teeter — Open on Labor Day
  • Ingles — Open on Labor Day
  • Kroger — Open on Labor Day
  • Publix — Open on Labor Day.
  • Safeway — Open on Labor Day
  • ShopRite — Open on Labor Day
  • Stop and Shop — Open on Labor Day
  • Trader Joe’s — Open on Labor Day
  • Wegman’s — Open on Labor Day
  • Whole Foods — Open on Labor Day


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