How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Free 2024

How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Free 2024

I know you are looking for how to get unlimited google drive storage free for a lifetime. If you want to know this then you are in right place. I will share with you how you can get unlimited google drive storage to upload large and unlimited files. There is no limit to using your storage.

If you want to get unlimited google drive storage then you have to need to follow some of the steps given below and enjoy. But first, I want to advise you of some things you should not do for use.

#Note 1: Do not upload any personal files or essential things like the family picture, personal image, or important files like certificates or documents that are important and secure for you!

#Note 2: You will get a shared drive if you follow that step. You can create unlimited folders and upload files. Also, you can add people who access your share drive and manage your folder too. And you will share easily any files with the public.

Follow the steps given below and make unlimited google drive storage for free.

1. You have to need an active Gmail account.
2. If you do have not any Gmail then at first you should create one here.
3. Now You have to need to give a disk name and put your Gmail address.
4. Select a school or college name.
4. Now verify you are a human.
5. Then click on Create Button.

And That’s all done. Now you will see your google drive created a new share drive with your given name. You got your unlimited google drive storage for free. Enjoy and share with your friend. Click on “I accept the terms” and follow the steps.


For Create your share Drive visit this link –

If didn’t create any shared drive then just change your selected school or college name.

If you don’t understand then watch my youtube video. Then you can understand and make easily unlimited google drive storage.


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