Enola Holmes

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Enola Holmes

Starring: Millie Bobby Brown, Sam Claflin, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter
Release dates: September 23, 2020
Running time: 123 minutes
Language: English
IMDb Rating: 6.6/10 (204K)

Enola Holmes is an enchanting and adventurous film that captures the spirit of the famous detective's younger sister, Enola Holmes, as she embarks on her own thrilling journey. Directed by Harry Bradbeer and released in 2020, the film offers a fresh perspective on the Sherlock Holmes universe, presenting a strong, intelligent, and independent female protagonist who becomes the star of her own story.

Set in Victorian-era England, "Enola Holmes" introduces us to Enola (played by Millie Bobby Brown), a spirited and resourceful teenager with a sharp mind inherited from her brilliant detective brother, Sherlock Holmes (played by Henry Cavill). When their mother, Eudoria (played by Helena Bonham Carter), mysteriously disappears, Enola sets out to find her, while evading the constraints of society and unravelling a larger conspiracy along the way.

The film excels in its storytelling, seamlessly blending elements of mystery, adventure, and coming-of-age. Enola's character is charismatic and instantly likable, carrying the film with her charm and wit. Millie Bobby Brown delivers a standout performance, portraying Enola's determination and vulnerability with great depth. Her interactions with the supporting cast, including Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes and Sam Claflin as Mycroft Holmes, bring additional layers to the story.

The screenplay, written by Jack Thorne and based on Nancy Springer's book series, successfully captures the essence of the Victorian era while injecting a modern sensibility. The dialogue is clever, often filled with wordplay and intellectual banter, reminiscent of the Holmes legacy. The film strikes a balance between the detective genre's intrigue and the personal growth and empowerment of its young protagonist.

Visually, "Enola Holmes" is a delight, with its lush cinematography and attention to period detail. The costume design is particularly noteworthy, showcasing the fashion of the time while also reflecting Enola's individuality and rebellion against societal norms. The film's overall production design is impressive, transporting viewers to a vividly realized Victorian England.

In terms of box office performance, "Enola Holmes" had a reported budget of approximately $20 million. While Netflix, the film's distributor, does not disclose specific box office figures, it is known that the movie was a resounding success on the streaming platform. Its captivating storyline, strong performances, and positive word-of-mouth propelled it to become a hit among audiences, particularly for those who enjoy mystery and adventure films with a feminist twist.

"Enola Holmes" is a delightful and empowering film that stands on its own while paying homage to the Sherlock Holmes legacy. With a charismatic lead, a compelling story, and stunning production values, it is a captivating cinematic experience for audiences of all ages. Whether you're a fan of detective mysteries or simply enjoy a well-crafted coming-of-age tale, "Enola Holmes" is a must-watch that will leave you eagerly anticipating future adventures of the indomitable Enola.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5