AWS Amazon S3 Mastery Bootcamp (2019) [1.75 GB]

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AWS Amazon S3 Mastery Bootcamp (2019) [1.75 GB]

Course Preview:


What you'll learn

  • Manage your data with the AWS command line interface

  • Secure access to you data with security policies and ACLS

  • Host a highly available static website with your own custom domain name

  • Understand fundamental concepts and terms.

  • Create and secure your AWS account.

  • Get your data into and out of S3 with the AWS Web console

  • Use life cycle management to move data to cheaper storage classes as it ages

  • Get data into and out of Glacier - Amazon's inexpensive storage options for data archival

  • Enable versioning and encryption from the web interface

  • Enable versioning and encryption using the command line interface

  • Automatically replicate data to data centers in separate geographic regions using cross region replication

  • Capture access logs for your data

  • Analyze your service usage with analytics and metrics



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