Differentiate Class selector from ID selector?

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In CSS, a class selector is used to select elements with a specific class attribute. The class attribute is used to assign a class name to an element, which can then be used to apply styles to that element. A class name can be used to select multiple elements on a page, and the styles applied to the class will be applied to all elements with that class name.

An ID selector is used to select an element with a specific ID attribute. The ID attribute is used to uniquely identify an element on a page, and it can only be used to select a single element. ID selectors are typically used to apply unique styles to a specific element on a page or to create a link to a specific element on the page.

Here's an example of how to use class and ID selectors in CSS:

/* Class selector */
.classname {
  /* Styles go here */

/* ID selector */
#idname {
  /* Styles go here */

To use these selectors in your HTML, you would add the class or ID attribute to the element you want to style:

<!-- Using the class selector -->
<div class="classname">This element has the class "classname"</div>

<!-- Using the ID selector -->
<div id="idname">This element has the ID "idname"</div>

Note that class and ID names should not contain spaces. Instead, you can use multiple class names by separating them with a period (e.g., `class="class1 class2"`) or multiple IDs by separating them with a space (e.g., `id="id1 id2"`).


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