Firebase: Error (Auth/configuration-not-found)

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The error "Firebase: Error (Auth/configuration-not-found)" typically occurs when the Firebase authentication configuration is not properly set up or not found in your application.

To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  • Double-check your Firebase configuration: Make sure you have correctly initialized Firebase in your application and that the configuration settings are accurate. The Firebase configuration usually involves providing the Firebase project's credentials and settings.
  • Verify Firebase dependencies: Ensure that you have the necessary Firebase dependencies included in your project. These dependencies are usually specified in your project's build.gradle (for Android) or Podfile (for iOS). Confirm that the versions of the Firebase SDKs you are using are compatible with each other.
  • Check Firebase project settings: Go to the Firebase console ( and verify that your project's settings, including the API keys, OAuth settings, and other authentication-related configurations, are correctly set up.
  • Validate Firebase initialization: Check that you have initialized Firebase properly in your application code. For example, in an Android app, you need to call FirebaseApp.initializeApp() before using any Firebase services. Similarly, in an iOS app, you should call FirebaseApp.configure() to configure Firebase.
  • Ensure internet connectivity: The error could also be caused by a lack of internet connectivity. Ensure that your device or emulator is connected to the internet and try again.
  • Clear application cache: If the above steps do not resolve the issue, try clearing the cache of your application and restarting it. This can help eliminate any cached or outdated configurations that may be causing the error.


By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the "Firebase: Error (Auth/configuration-not-found)" issue. If the problem persists, please provide additional details about your specific setup and code so that I can assist you further.


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