Name a few Git commands with their function.

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Here are a few common Git commands and their functions:

"git clone": This command is used to clone an existing Git repository onto your local machine. It is typically used to download a copy of a repository from a remote server.

"git add": This command is used to stage changes for commit. It adds the specified files or changes to the staging area, where they can be reviewed and committed.

"git commit": This command is used to create a new commit in the repository. It saves the changes that have been staged with the "git add" command and adds a commit message to describe the changes.

"git push": This command is used to send committed changes to a remote repository. It pushes the changes from the local repository to the remote repository, making them available to other users.

"git pull": This command is used to fetch and merge changes from a remote repository. It retrieves the latest changes from the remote repository and merges them into the local repository.

"git branch": This command is used to create, list, or delete branches in a Git repository. Branches allow developers to work on multiple versions of a codebase simultaneously.

"git merge": This command is used to merge changes from one branch into another. It combines the changes from the source branch into the target branch, creating a new commit in the process.


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