React useMemo Hook

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The `useMemo` hook is a React hook that allows you to optimize the performance of your functional components by memoizing values. Memoization is an optimization technique that stores the results of expensive function calls and returns the cached result when the same inputs occur again.

Here's an example of how you can use the `useMemo` hook:

import { useMemo } from 'react';

function MyComponent(props) {
  const expensiveComputation = useMemo(() => {
    // perform an expensive computation or fetch data from an API
    return expensiveComputationResult;
  }, [props.input]);

  return (
    // render component using the memoized value

In this example, the `expensiveComputation` will only be recomputed if the value of `props.input` changes. This can help improve the performance of your component by avoiding unnecessary re-renders and recomputations.

It's important to note that the `useMemo` hook only optimizes performance by memoizing the value. It does not block the component from re-rendering. If you want to prevent a component from re-rendering, you should use the `React.PureComponent` class or the `React.memo` higher-order component.


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