iDentSoft v1.2.0 - Dental / Clinic Software Solution

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iDentSoft v1.2.0 - Dental / Clinic Software Solution

iDentSoft , it’s a complete clinic or dental clinic software solution for a company. iDentSoft – Clinic Software Solution has been built for one to multiple clinic. Here you can create a company, hospital departments, doctors, patients, patient-case-studies, insurance etc. You can manage doctor schedules, patient appointments, prescriptions, lab reports and many more. You can send Email & SMS Campaigns. You generate invoices, payments and financial reports. It is a web-based app and fairly easy to use and easy to operate. You can manage all those Company’s from one place. iDentSoft helps you save time managing multiple companies. So we have made this to make your life easy.


This file has UNTOUCHED status - (original developer code without any tampering done)

(If download link not working then contact with us and report for update!)