The Google Pixel Fold benchmark shows that the phone is in the works and will be released

The Google Pixel Fold benchmark shows that the phone is in the works and will be released

The Google Pixel Fold, like the Pixel Watch, has been speculated for a long time, and we’ve been wondering when or even if it would be released. However, the most recent leak shows that Google is still working on it and that the launch may not be far off.

MySmartPrice discovered a Benchmark tests entry for a Google phone with the codename Pipit, which is thought to be the Pixel Fold.

The listing provides several characteristics, including 12GB of RAM, a chipset that matches the specifications of the Google Tensor found in the Pixel 6, and Android 12 (though we expect this phone to ship with Android 12L).

There’s nothing really remarkable here, but the fact that Google has a version of the phone being benchmarked and it’s utilizing the Tensor chipset says that it might be released soon. Benchmarks frequently (but not always) show close to launch, and if the Pixel Fold was to arrive later this year, we’d anticipate a newer processor.

In reality, we believe it will arrive in the first part of the year because Google will most likely have the Pixel 7 range with the Tensor 2 in the second half.

The listing also displays a single-core score of 4,811 and a multi-core score of 11,349, which is in line with the Pixel 6 – keep in mind, though, that this is a Geekbench 4 listing, which yields higher results than Geekbench 5.

We’d always take early benchmarks with a grain of salt because even if this is correct, it’ll be running pre-release hardware and software, so things might change and improve before launch.


“In my opinion, a foldable throwdown is beneficial to purchasers.”

The Google Pixel Fold, in my opinion, cannot come soon enough. Because Samsung currently has very little competition in the foldable area, offering customers additional options (and driving Samsung to amp up its game) can only be a positive thing.